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Learn and help people learn.

- Ahmed Tarek 😊

Free Only Udemy Courses (Variant Fields of Knowledge)

What is it about?

A few years ago, I started a group on LinkedIn where me, other contributors,  and some other Udemy authors share coupons for Udemy courses on different fields of knowledge.

The main goal of this initiative is to encourage people to persist a daily habit of learning new skills rather than doing it occasionally.

Group Rules

Everyone is invited to join the group but please keep in mind that we have some simple rules.

👉 This group is about FREE UDEMY COURSES only.

👉 Not other topics, not even Udemy courses which are not free.

👉 By FREE we mean originally free or 100% (not even 99.9%) free by coupons, nothing else.

👉 No blogs, no YouTube video tutorials, no Pluralsight courses, no Udemy discounts, no....

👉 This is a kind initiative -so no obligation- to help people learn new skills.

👉 Be appreciative and choose kind words in your comments and requests.

👉 Breaking these simple rules might get you blocked.

How to join?

It is as simple as requesting to join this LinkedIn Group. Currently I am the only administrator so all requests should be processed by me. However, normally it doesn't take long for your join request to get accepted.

Important Note

Worth to mention that the way Udemy Coupons work might be tricky to some people.

When a Udemy author creates a coupon for his own course, he has more than one setting to set. Long story short, he decides whether the coupon expires when it reaches a certain date, or when it gets consumed by a certain number of learners, or a combination between these options.

Having said that, you need to keep in mind that, although the coupons get verified by the group administrator at the moment the posts are approved, at the moment you check the post and try to use the coupon attached, you might find that the coupon has expired. This could be because the coupon has reached the time limit or the number of consumers limit.

Therefore, to minimize the probability of facing that situation, you can adjust the Group Notifications so that you get notified when new posts are approved.

Want to help?

If you want to help, you have more than one way to do so.

👉 By posting Udemy Coupons.

👉 If you like to join as an administrator, you can contact me on LinkedIn and see how it goes.

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