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About Me

My name is

Ahmed Tarek

⭐ Muslim & Egyptian.

⭐ .NET Software Engineer and Technical Blogger.

⭐ 13+ years of hands-on practical experience and self-learning.

Ahmed Tarek Hasan
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👶 I was born in Egypt on 27/11/1985.

🎈 My childhood was full of playing and doing cool things with my cousins.



⭐ I started my education trip on early days starting from Kindergarten till I finished high school with a grade of 98.6%


⭐ Then, I started my higher education on Faculty of Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Communications Engineering Department, Cairo University, 2003.

There, I spent 5 years of learning till finally I got my Bachelor’s degree on 2008.

However, my passion was always to work on software and write code.


⭐ I taught myself some basic programming and started doing some freelance work on platforms like (which was called RentACoder by then).


Professional Life

Information Technology Institute (ITI), Egypt

To follow my passion, I joined the Information Technology Institute (ITI) and got enrolled into the Software Systems Developer 9-Month program.

⭐ On this program, I got specialized on .NET Framework and stack of technologies were I learned more than the basics, joined many labs, and developed many applications. Finally, I was eligible to join a huge Software House for a training and I got my certificate from ITI.

ITWorx, Egypt

⭐ You remember when I told you that I joined a huge Software House for a training, this was ITWorx.

⭐ I owe ITWorx a lot as it was the first company where I actually had the chance to follow my passion and dream to be a Software Engineer. It is a great company with great people. There, you can be friend with everybody.

⭐ I finished my training at ITWorx, they liked my progress, and gave a good feedback about me to ITI. Actually, that’s why I got my certificate from ITI.


⭐ Additionally, ITWorx asked me to be a permanent employee as a Junior Software Engineer and for sure it was one of the happiest moments of my life.

⭐ I worked on one of the biggest accounts there. Our client was United Technologies Corporation (UTC). I worked on projects for big names like CarrierPratt & WhitneySikorsky AircraftOtis, and others.

⭐ So, I continued my trip with ITWorx till I left after 6.5 years holding the title Technical Lead L1.

Integrant, Egypt

⭐ Then I joined Integrant as a Principal Software Engineer and worked there for almost 2 years.

⭐ There I had the chance to work with different offshore clients which helped me get more exposure. Then, one of my life changing events happened… I got a chance to work for ASML.


Traveling to Netherlands

ASML, Netherlands

⭐ So, I travelled from Egypt to Netherlands to start a new phase in my life.

Traveling to Netherlands

Advanced Semiconductor Material Lithography (ASML) is a real world leader on the chip making industry.

ASML provides customers with everything they need; hardware, software, and services to mass produce patterns on silicon, allowing them to increase the value and lower the cost of a chip.

ASML is headquartered in Veldhoven, the Netherlands and has over 60 locations in 16 countries worldwide where more than 30,000 employees are doing magic.

⭐ I joined ASML on 2018 as a Software Design Engineer and up to the moment of writing these words I am still working there. If you want to know more about ASML, I recommend that you check the website where you would find interesting information.

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